Professional Sports GYM Muscles Relieve Pain Deep Relaxation Therapy Body Power Massage Gun 12V

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The product continuing to be the best in handheld vibration therapy, combining the frequency, amplitude, and torque that users love about the 1 file with an improved ergonomic design that puts your comfort and ease-of-use first. With increased battery efficiency, you'll love how the  both activate your muscles and relieve your pain and soreness, empowering you to do more of what you love. 


The product adopts scientific vibration frequency and amplitude.

Effectively relieve muscle cramps and increase blood flow;

Significantly reduce muscle recovery time;


Vibration frequency is 15-40Hz, amplitude is about 0.5 inches, reach the brain with the fastest speed of massage, so that the body pain disappears;


Configure 4 massage heads;

Meet your different needs;

Fast charger + 2*12V high-energy lithium batteries;

Charger : (Universal Universal Socket)

Rated input: 220-240~50/60hz.16w

Rated output: 12.6V/1A


Rated voltage:  12V DC

Battery capacity: 1300mAh

Working hours:20-60min

Charging time : 30min

Unloaded speed:  0-2600/min max

Power:  60w max

Frequency: 1 -15hz 2 -20hz 3 -25-hz 4 -30hz 5 -35hz 6 -40hz

Weight: 1.21kg/1.44kg (including charger and package)


Sound pressure level : 74Db(A)

Sound power:85Db(A)