iPhone Screen Protector [Tempered Glass] High Defitnition (HD) 0.26MM Glass

iPhone Screen Protector [Tempered Glass] High Defitnition (HD) 0.26MM Glass

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Remembering you have your iPhone glass screen protector on may become a chore with our ultra clear high-definition, comfortably smooth curved edge glass screen protector iPhone with NO LIGHT DISTORTION (99.9% plus light transfer ratio), 3d touch compatibility, and manufactured with the highest grade (JAPANESE PET GLASS) available


Our iPhone screen protector with 2.5D rounded edges forms an AIR-TIGHT SEAL guarding your phone w/ around the clock 24-HR PROTECTION from scratches, scrapes, bumps, forgetful misplacements,etc. keeping your phone in "MINT CONDITION" for MAXIMUM RESALE VALUE after future upgrades


Our tempered glass iPHONE 6 (4.7") has an oleophobic coating that resists fingerprints, oils, smudges, dust, sweat and other contaminants to make your iphone 6 tempered glass maintenance a breeze

A-1 ADHESIVE: Coated with a GORILLA STRONG, yet delicate silicone adhesive that promptly secures the iPhone tempered glass screen protector firmly in place, but is effortlessly removed in seconds whenever it needs to be replaced if the need arises, leaving absolutely NO RESIDUE BEHIND!


In the unfortunate occurence of screen shatter our specially FORTIFIED BALLISTIC GLASS iPhone screen protector is engineered with Anti-shatter protection that make GLASS SHARDS DULL to the touch and STICK TOGETHER which is an added bonus from our tempered glass screen protector iphone 6 also being safer for small kids, pets and family members

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